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Epitact Foot Pad Size 36-38 - 2 pcs

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Pain, overheating in the forefoot and calluses are often the result of wear and tear on our foot pad. To compensate for this wear, EPITACT has developed pads that incorporate a patented silicone that distributes pressure: Epithelium 26®. Epithelium 26® under the ball of the foot is the ideal material for distributing loads and thus relieving pressure on the plantar vault. The presence of the pads provides a feeling of real comfort. The pads provide optimal support under the foot. Discreet and with reduced thickness, you can wear them in your usual shoes. They are extremely comfortable thanks to the fabric chosen (softness and perspiration evacuation). The cushions can be machine washed at 40 °C. pairs. in a pain in the sole of the foot when walking? There are those who talk about the feeling of heat, the feeling of walking on clouds or even a burning sensation... There are those who refer to the presence of a lump or a callus under the foot. Whatever the description, the truth is that it is often synonymous with intense pain that can impair walking. This pain under the foot usually corresponds to a wear of the plantar layer, a fatty tissue that is intended to distribute pressure. Its change can be linked to age, but also to intensive use of the front of the foot (following a previous sport) or during a period when you were on your feet for a long time. To alleviate the wear and tear of the plantar layer, EPITACT® has developed a pressure-distributing silicone gel, a true substitute for the plantar layer: Epithelium 26®. It has been integrated into a foot pad so that it can be worn discreetly, with any shoe. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For greater comfort, place directly on both feet in contact with the skin. (unless there is an unprotected wound). The printed area of ​​the fabric should be in contact with the sole of the foot. Never put it upside down.Place your foot on the Plantar Cushion, fitting it between the big toe and the second toe. For better conservation, use with tights or socks on top. They must be wide enough to avoid compressing the feet.