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Lutsine E45 Eryplast Water Paste - 125g

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Lutsine E45 Eryplast Water Paste soothes and protects the baby's bottom in case of redness and irritation. Prevents skin irritation and creates an absorbent protective barrier that allows perspiration, keeping the diaper area dry. its natural level, keeps the skin hydrated and regenerates the skin. Contains oleyl acetate and phytic acid, two antienzymes that neutralize the enzymes present in the stool and urine, responsible for irritation, D-panthenol with a regenerating action and moisturizing glycerin. The daily use of Eryplast Water Paste calms and protects baby's sensitive skin in a lasting way. It is hypoallergenic and has been tested under dermatological control. It is fragrance-free, but leaves a pleasant scent on baby's skin.


Contém acetato de oleilo e ácido fítico, duas antienzimas que neutralizam as enzimas presentes nas fezes e na urina, responsáveis pela irritação, D-pantenol com uma ação regenerante e glicerina hidratante.